Codes Fellows Program

We are currently living in a technological society, and information technology is a driving factor in social development. It plays an important role in marketing, digital communications, and the day-to-day operations of organizations and institutions. However, many institutions and organizations in Liberia lack digital presence and it affects how well they can impact and share their impact stories, scale operations, and connect with possible partners and sponsors for growth opportunities, among others.

To meet this challenge, Innovations Hub Liberia designed a Coding Training in HTML, CSS, and Javascript for young IT enthusiasts looking for job creation and employment skills to serve institutions and their communities. The training is tagged “Code Fellows Program” and we provide participants a platform to gain hands-on experience in the area of frontend web development and increase their skills for job readiness. We seek to bridge the gap in job creation while empowering youth to serve meaningfully. The main purpose of the project is to expose participants to new software and technologies with coaching to make the teaching and learning environment conducive for both facilitators and participants for better performance in Web development and enhance the participants’ tech fluency.

Through our Code Fellows program and course syllabus, participants will become productively engaged and obtain valuable Frontend skills needed for the real world. There is a direct need for this form of learning, which is very expensive yet we can make it available at a low cost to bridge the digital divide across institutions and support youth with skills. We are offering this opportunity for youths to become viable and competitive in the marketplace, develop their careers, rise above poverty and contribute to national development.

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