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eResearch Lab Project

In today’s world, information technology is a critical component of any country’s prosperity. In recognition of the aforementioned in Liberia, the Ministry of Education as the official regulatory body for secondary schools has made computers a compulsory subject for secondary school students even though schools are left to decide what content to teach their students. Unfortunately, the cost attached to acquiring computer-related equipment and skilled teachers inhibits many schools and underprivileged kids from obtaining in-demand digital skills.
Most high schools still do not have a computer laboratory setup. A laboratory will provide students a platform to gain on-hands experience with technology and increase their skills for job readiness. It is that gap that Innovations Hub Liberia seeks to bridge by supporting the establishment of fully functional computer labs across selected Junior and Senior High schools in Montserrado County. The main purpose of the project is to set up a fully air-conditioned and wireless internet-accessed eResearch computer lab for training to make the teaching and learning environment conducive for both instructors and students for better performance in research and enhance the students’ skills in computers. In addition, iHub Liberia has designed its own result-oriented high school computer curriculum and intends to train and subsidize salaries for the hired teacher.
Through our computer lab and computer curriculum, students will become productively engaged and obtain valuable computer skills needed for the real world.
Our computer laboratory will provide a learning and research environment with access to computer equipment, printers, and the Internet where students can gain the computer skills needed to be successful and secure better jobs in the future. We believe that with this our secondary school kids can become computer literate.

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